There are two types of believers


There are two types of believers. Those who know why they are on the planet, and those who don't.

While almost all Christians believe God has a plan and purpose for our lives, few can tell you what it is. 80% can't.

And that's why 70% of the workforce loathes (hates) what they do. They lack purpose. They work just to pay the bills but feel they lack real purpose, doing something that matters.

Seems odd, right?

First, if you are feeling stuck between life seasons, I am writing this for you. What's going on? God's just getting your attention.

>> He's about to reveal His plan and purpose for you, to you.

Here's the thing. You have a marketplace calling right where you will be spending over 100,000 of your life, in your career. When you are living out your calling, your labor is actually considered worship to God.

Your calling, His plan and purpose will always revolve around The Great Commission (Matt 28:19), to go and make disciples of NATIONS.

I call this The Great Partnership because God always partners with His people to do His will.

How? By influencing and transforming business, government, and education with His love, truth, and power.

If the body of Christ, His people, would come to understand His plan and purpose for us individually, we would transform every place, every person, and everywhere we go.

We would rebuild His Church and Restore His Nations. God speaks of nations over 500 times in the Bible.

Jesus gave us His power and authority to TEAR DOWN satan's strongholds and DESTROY the works of the devil.

We would see marxism, anti-God globalism, and woke culture destroyed in His nations, sheep nations.

Kingdom is calling. It's time to ...

  1. Rebuild the Church
  2. Restore Nations

If you are willing to do your part, focus your attention on understanding the times, what God is doing, and His plan for you in the marketplace.

We've created a video series called HisPlan MyPlan: Roadmap To Your Purpose and waived the fee, you can check it out HERE.


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