Spaces {RE} Imagined.

Entrepreneurial Incubators + Coworking Spaces + Coffee Shops

Entrepreneur Zones

We are developing faith-driven entrepreneur zones in spaces and places where entrepreneurs and dreamchasers can gather to work, learn, innovate, and create — where dreams are ignited and goals fulfilled.

Small Town USA

The very reasons why people left small towns — opportunity, technology, and jobs — are now allowing them to return.


Creating inspiring spaces to gather, create, and innovate. Become your community's second home. 

Coworking Spaces

Developing a faith-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem within your coworking space will become your unfair advantage.

Office Spaces

Become the entrepreneurial and creative hub of your community by leveraging your underutilized workspace.

An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Powered By God


We have a vision, and it's big. In fact, it's too big to do without partners like you.

Cana is the location in the Bible where Jesus performed His first miracle. CanaGlobal is a modern-day dream factory, providing the path, method, and mentorship for entrepreneurs and dreamchasers to go after their God-planted dreams.

We're part of a massive people movement started by Jesus Christ to transform the seven mountains of societal influence: faith, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business … with the Kingdom of God.

We are on a mission to activate one-million changemakers into their calling … because when one-million changemakers connect the dots between business, purpose, success, and faith … they change the world.

We are seeking to invest our resources into partnerships to develop entrepreneurial zones in underleveraged spaces across America. Our vision is to build partnerships with like-minded leaders of small towns, churches, coworking spaces, and with CEOs who have spaces that are underutilized and can see the benefit of leveraging their space into something greater for the Kingdom of God.

If you have a similar vision and an underleveraged space, let's explore the possibilities together.

Let The Possibilities Begin

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing.” Isaiah 43:18-19

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